About Us

We are a group of software engineers and software developers. Who are passionate about the work we do. We have come across a lot  of obstacles while doing our projects in various companies in various positions and various projects.

The problems are as follows.

  1. New technologies coming into practice very fast.
  2. New languages are used in companies for development. So, we need to learn new languages. like (angular, react)
  3. New frameworks are used for development in companies.
  4. we are not aware of the new tools, frameworks and technologies. like (sublime,git,slack,visual studio,jira)
  5. Things are moving from coding to AI AND ML and bid data concepts and analytics

So, We are giving more information about new technologies and updates about the technologies and new languages and frameworks.

  1. Solutions for the problems we faced in developing projects.
  2. Best practices while developing projects
  3. Information about the tools we used for developing projects.
  4. Interesting facts about the frameworks and usages.
  5. How to use new tools for developing software.